Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Retiring Items! Put them to good use!

While shopping recently I saw Carmel Stroopwafels, and I happen to know someone who really likes these, as she is a fellow demo with Stampin' Up! I couldn't just shove them in a carrier and hand them over - they would need to be presented in a girt package!
This demo I know likes good coffee, so adding a few Nespresso capsules to go with the Stroopwafels would be perfect - What more? What Else?
Well I know she's rather partial to Blackberry Bliss, and as it is a retiring product I thought I'd use up some of my stash.  I also had some mini-buttons and thick bakers twine from 2015 SAB (I know - it needs using too!)  In my scrap box I also had the spare bits from my Tin of Cards project and this "Hallo" seamed just right.

I made a mini box to hold the Nespresso capsules using a piece of A4 - Scored with the short side at the top at 3cm, 5.5cm, 16cm & 18.5cm, then on the long side at the same places, you have a nice big flap on the bottom to made a secure and solid box.

I used my circle framelits to cut 5 circles in the top od the box - which is actually the square which has scoring on all four sides, to do this with the big shot I used the magnetic plate and had to fold over some of the score lines so it would fit thought the Big shot.

Please email me if you would like a diagram of how I did this!

For the bigger box to hold the Stroopwafels and to take the mini tray of capsules I had to do some thinking and some maths! I could have easily made it from 2 sheets of 12x12, but I do like to be frugal - so I used my Diagonal Scoreboard - sorry another item retiring, I do love this tool and will miss it from the catalogue in future - here is the maths bit

I then used a rule to work out the 6.72cm is 2 7/8 inch so I knew where to score. Who knew Maths GCSE has a use!  I then burnished all my scores and folded in the spare bits, a spot of glue to hold in place and it was nearly there, I placed a 1 inch band around the top to give it some strength and folded down the spare 'pointy bits'.  the band was 2 pieces of card 2.5cm x 22 cm, scored at 9.6 & 19.2cm, glued together to make a band.

The lid was 2 pieces of card cut to 12.5 cm x 22.5cm and scored at 9.7cm & 19.4cm, and scored again on the flat side at 3 cm, now this will leave you with a small hole in the middle of your box lid, this gives you space to put your ribbon through and I secured my ribbon to a spare piece of card which I glued to the inside of the box.  cover said lid as you wish, I used my flower punches and the leafly bit from my Bird Builder as I was in a hurry, otherwise I would have used my Botanical Builder Dies.

So in total to produce this box I used:
1 x A4 Card Stock
1 x 12x12 DSP
1 x 12x12 Color Me Irresistible DSP (hence why I made the lid this way - to keep the pattern going the same way) 

To decorate I raided the scraps box, some thick bakers twine and buttons!

I hope this all makes sense - if anything is unclear do let me know and I'll do my best to make more sense!